Six Sigma Training and Certification

Six Sigma Training and Certification Classes 

Six Sigma is a methodology based on statistical analysis to improve processes with unknown problems. offers a variety of Six Sigma training and certification classes, including options for beginners. We were also the first organization to offer a four-week Black Belt training that allows individuals with no prior experience to earn Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Cinta Blanca (White Belt)

The White Belt Workshops sponsored by, are aimed at providing you with the fundamental understanding of Lean Six Sigma (also known as LSS), a scheme that involves process improvement, variability, negative effects on the performance of the process and the specific roles performed by different team members.


Cinta Amarilla (Yellow Belt)

Our two-day Yellow Belt training provides you with an understanding of the fundamentals of Six Sigma methodologies. The Yellow Belt Six Sigma course covers some of the basic improvement procedures along with the necessary measurement systems.

Jumpstart Training

Green Belt BootCamp

The Six Sigma Green Belt BootCamp is the same as the first week of a Six Sigma Green Belt. Attendees will have the option to complete the second week of Green Belt at a later date.


Cinta Verde (Green Belt)

The Six Sigma Green Belt course will allow students to create graphs, process maps and control plans to describe Six Sigma roles within an organization, using statistical tests to improve processes, Minitab to execute statistical tests and define a Six Sigma project.


Cinta Negra (Black Belt)

The Six Sigma Black Belt course will allow individuals to explain multiple regressions, perform factorial experiments, determine the size of calculations needed for the experiments, and describe the different types of process optimization.


Master Cinta Negra (Master Black Belt)

This two-week Six Sigma Master Black Belt training course and certification program was created by to provide an advanced and focused approach to Six Sigma projects and statistical methods.