Hay una gran cantidad de términos que son específicos de Lean y Six Sigma. Si no está seguro sobre el significado de un término, le recomendamos que visite nuestro Glosario Lean y Six Sigma para encontrar esa definición. Si no encuentra el término que está buscando, por favor contáctenos. Estaremos encantados de responder a sus preguntas, y podemos añadir su término al glosario en el futuro.

Run chart, or time plot

Measurement display tool showing variation in a factor over time; indicates trends, patterns, and instances of special causes of variation. see also Control Chart; Special Cause; Variation.

Rolled throughput yield or RTY

The cumulative calculation of defects through multiple steps in a process; total input units, less the number of errors in the first process step number of items “rolled through” that step; to get a percentage, take the number of items coming through the process correctly divided by the number of total units going into the process; repeat this for each step of the process to get an overall rolled-throughput percentage. See also Yield.

Rework loop

Any instance in a process when the thing moving through the process has to be corrected by returning it to a previous step or person/organization in the process; adds time, costs, and potential for confusion and more defects. See also Non-Value-Adding Activities.

Revision plans

A mechanism (process) for updating processes, procedures, and documentation.


Measurement stability concept in which different people get the same results when they measure and collect data using the same methods; necessary to ensure data consistency and stability. See also Repeatability.


Measurement stability concept in which a single person gets the same results each time he/she measures and collects data; necessary to ensure data consistency and stability. See also Reproducibility.


Design or redesign of business; similar to Process Redesign, though in practice usually at a much larger scale or scope.

Random sampling

Method that allows each item or person chosen to be measured is selected completely by chance.