Fundamentos de Lean

Fundamentos de Lean

The Fundamentals of Lean training introduces the principles of Lean and the general importance of focusing on what adds value to the customer. Lean Fundamentals provides individual methods for recognizing waste in processes, as well as identifying barriers to flow and implementing attraction into your current processes.

Lean Fundamentals training agenda:

  • Concepts of Lean and Six Sigma Lean
  • Lean principles and A3 thinking
  • Planning a project
  • Lean Foundation: Waste
  • Lean Foundation: 5S
  • Principle 1: Defining value
  • Principle 2: Mapping the process value chain
  • Process measurements and data display
  • Root cause analysis
  • Principle 3: Creating flow
  • Principle 4: Establishment of Pull
  • Poka Yokes: Failsafe Devices
  • Principle 5: Pursuit of perfection
  • Ideal map and future map
  • Lean Six Sigma

There are no prerequisites for our Lean Foundations program. Attendees will receive two certificates, one upon successful completion of the training and another certificate upon successful completion of an actual process improvement project, which will designate individuals as internationally recognized Lean Agents.

3 Días
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Sep-26-2023 Live Instructor Led Webinar $1300 Register
3 Días
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Oct-31-2023 Live Instructor Led Webinar $1300 Register
4 Días
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Nov-06-2023 Orlando, FL $2000 Register